Diwali time for Sweets and celebrations

This the season to Be Merry
December 25, 2015

Diwali time for Sweets and celebrations


Diwali holidays are for visiting friends,relatives or them visiting us,or going on holidays.But it also brought with it Viral diarrhea because of binging on too much sweets,Oily food causing Indigestion and sometimes with Viral diarrhea.

Indigestion can be tackled by avoiding heavy and rich food for some time and taking light dinner which brings digestion back to normal very fast. Viral diarrhoea are characterized by sudden onset of fever followed by diarrhea,watery,profuse and causing weakness and Leg cramps. Maintaining hydration with water and taking lemonade [Natural electrolytes] prepared with Lemon,Salt,and Rock sugar will make you well in no time. Khichdi, Apple and Rice soup[supernatant water from rice] are best at such times.Eat somewhat less than your appetite will help you recover faster.All the best.

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