Prolonged overnight fasting can prevent cancer

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Prolonged overnight fasting can prevent cancer

Prolonged overnight fasting can prevent cancer

Jainism promotes not eating after sunset and Vipassana Meditation course does not allow eating after 5pm.
A western study has now shown that prolonging the overnight fasting interval may be a simple, nonpharmacological strategy for reducing a person’s risk of breast cancer recurrence and even other cancers.

Not eating in the evening and at night could reduce the risk for recurrence of breast cancer as per a study in the March 31 issue of JAMA Oncology.

In a cohort of 2400 women with early-stage breast cancer, it was found that fasting less than 13 hours per night was associated with a 36% higher risk for disease recurrence as compared with fasting 13 or more hours per night.
A nonsignificant 22% higher risk for mortality from any cause was also observed among patients who fasted for shorter periods in comparison with those who fasted for 13 hours or more overnight.

The authors also found that fasting fewer hours per night was associated with significantly less sleep and higher levels of glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c).

Each 2-hour increase in nightly fasting duration was statistically significantly associated with a 0.37 mmol/mol lower HbA1c level (β = –0.37) and more hours of sleep per night (β = 0.20).

Credit: Editorial (Dr SS Agarwal,  Dr K K Aggarwal)

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