This the season to Be Merry

Diwali time for Sweets and celebrations
November 18, 2015
Winter Season
January 15, 2016

This the season to Be Merry


December season brings so much nice memories every year.winter setting in slowly with days getting shorter and nights getting chillier.Such sudden variations of temperature brings with it Viral Upper respiratory irritations to infections which also linger on for longer time.Most common because of closed places like Central Ac office,Movie theater or in Mass transit transport.The fever may last for 1 or 2 days but causes much weakness and body ache with running nose hoarseness of voice and dry coughing.More than medicine auxiliary treatment like Doing warm water gargles,Sipping hot fluids like tea,soup,water gives fomentation in throat and chest.Also having Citrus fruits like Oranges,Sweet lime,Pineapple helps in fighting off the infection and even PREVENT it by loading yourself with not only Viamic C but also B complex and minerals in natural form.

Castor or Rock sugar[Khadi sakkhar] is a natural antiseptic with added minerals which is single best remedy to fight of viral infections and also prevent it.Enjoy the chill with Natural food protectors.

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